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In average 20 min saved per table
15% more orders
Revenue increase reported by 90% of clients

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Boost Online Presence
No credit card required
Standard includes:
  • Unlimited digital menus, tables, QR's, users
  • Real time menu updates
  • Nutrition facts calculator
  • Call the waiter
  • ... and more
Maximize Revenue Potential
29EUR / monthly
Free access to premium features for 30 days
Premium includes:
  • All standard features
  • Online reservations
  • Table ordering
  • Thermal printing
  • ... and more

Plans Comparison

View the menu
Your customers will be able to scan the QR code from the table and view the menu
Call the waiter
Your customers will be able to call the waiter directly within the app
Management system
You will have access to a management system where you can manage the restaurant menus and update them in real time
Smart search
Your customers will have access to a quick and intelligent search for your menus
Real time notifications
Your waiters will be notified in real time when someone calls the waiter, orders or requests the bill
Product images
You'll be able to add product images to menus to enhance the customer experience with your restaurnt
Order through application
Your customers will be able to place orders directly from the app, and your waiters will receive them in real time
View and request bill
Your customers will be able to see the bill in real time and notify your waiters when they want to close it
Customers will be able to discover your restaurant and make reservations
Thermal printing
You will be able to print orders directly on a thermal printer directly in the kitchen or at the bar
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